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Delivering clean software is challenging

The act of producing clean software is challenging. In other disciplines of engineering, the final artifacts are physical in nature and therefore assessment of quality (or cleanliness) is accomplished by validating the physical behavior. Software however poses an interesting challenge as expectations in the mind are translated into non-physical entities (code) whose behavior needs to be assessed for correctness. Incorrectness I.e lack of quality is not limited to flaws in code, but occur due to inappropriate design, incorrect understanding of intentions, complex interactions due to the deployment environment and finally due to interesting usage by the end users.

HBT and other test approaches

Traditional test approach have relied on strength of the process and the capability of the individual to ensure high quality in the given cost and time constraints. They lack the scientific rigor to enable full cost optimization and more often rely on automation as the means to driving down cost and cycle time. For example, they do not provide a strong basis for assessing the quality of test cases in terms of their defect finding potential and therefore improve effectiveness and efficiency.

HBT on the other hand enables you to set a clear goal for cleanliness, derive potential types of defect and then devise a “good net” to ensure that these are caught as soon as they get injected. It is intensely goal-oriented and provides you with a clear set of milestones allowing you to manage the process quickly and effectively.

The HBT series of workshops address the entire spectrum of software development cycle spanning from understanding customer expectations to test automation. There are specialized workshops that cover the entire test life-cycle like strategy and planning, test design, load and performance testing.

HBT Series Workshops

All the workshops are based on the HBT methodology that is powered by STEMTM. Click on the links for the program of your choice to see details about the program.

   # Workshop Description
   HBT.1 HBT – A engineering approach to producing clean software
   HBT.2 Rapid understanding of customer expectations
   HBT.3 Purposeful test strategy and planning
   HBT.4 Practical test effort estimation
   HBT.5 Robust test design
   HBT.6 Devising meaningful measurements
   HBT.7 Result oriented automation
   HBT.8 Intelligent regression testing
   HBT.9 Effective review of test strategy / plan
   HBT.10 Effective review of test cases
   HBT.11 Effective developer testing
   HBT.12 LSPS testing (Load, Stress, Performance & Scalability)
   HBT.13 RRE Testing (Robustness, Reliability & Endurance)

Delivery and Learning Model

All the workshops are instructor-led workshops. All workshops employ an application-oriented learning model, wherein the various concepts are illustrated by applying this on a real-life but scaled down problem. In addition, all workshops involve participation of the audience in problem solving by working in teams. Some of the workshops have built-in evaluation pre and post workshop to assess assimilation.

The class exercises can be customized to meet the domain requirements of an organization. For customization, the organization is expected to give us their domain specific problem to be used, along with suitable explanation to enable us to a create a custom worked example for illustration in the class.

Training Schedule

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