Robust test design

It is all about COVERAGE.

Coverage is the key property that needs to be satisfied by test design.How do we know if the “net” that we have designed to catch the fishes(“defects”) is broad, deep, strong and fine? That is, how do we know that the test cases have indeed “covered the entire software”? Designing test cases that are complete and optimal is seen as challenging.

…different approach of Potential Defect’s to plan test strategy, every tester can use this methodology to test effectively and efficiently”.
Rajeshwari M C ,Talisma Corporation

…one of best method, compared to the normal conventional way that we are following… will help to improve the quality of the product to a great extent”.
Jayateerth Joshi, Consona Software

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Brief about the workshop

This workshop presents a unique approach to designing test cases based on Hypothesis Based Testing (HBT) methodology, where we identify the criteria of cleanliness, then hypothesize potential defects that may be present and then use a scientific design approach aided by a structured personal process to design test cases that are adequate yet optimal. This workshop is not mere exposition of the test techniques, rather it commences with how to question and understand, how to setup criteria, how to design adequate test cases, how to document rapidly, and how to assess efficacy of the same. The title “Robust Test Design” indicates the intent of designing test cases that can indeed guarantee robustness of the final software.

Target audience

Test/Project Manager,Test Lead and Test Engineers.

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